how to make an ant farm that is suitable for a colony!

      note: this is NOT for viewing ants, this is for a colony that already have about 30-50 workers

you will need:
1: some occluded air cement
2: a sponge
3: a drill
4: plexiglass
5: 8 muts
6: 4 screws that are about 7 cm in length

step 1: saw a 15 cm by 17.5 cm by 5 cm rectangle in the occluded air cement

step 2: make the chambers ( I advice you to make 2). you can make them by first drawing with pencil what you want to be the shape of the chambers (I advice on top of each other), and then drilling holes so that you can destroy the remainder with a screwdriver

step 3: make another chamber, NOT connected with the other chambers, about 1 cm above the other chambers

step 4: drill a hole from above ( not on the side where the plexiglass is going to be) so that you can always humid the nest

step 5: put a sponge in that chamber ( you can add it later if its annoying, but BEFORE the plexiglass is set)

step 6: drill 4 holes in the corners, the holes must be through all the  occluded air cement

step 7: drill a hole that ends in one of the chambers (NOT the sponge chamber)

step 8: cut the plexiglass in 2 pieces that both are 5 cm by 17.5 cm

step 9: drill holes on the EXACT place as the holes in the occluded air cement, also in the hole that leads to one of the chambers (not the sponge chamber hole)(you can put the plexiglass on the occluded air cement and drill where the holes are in the occluded air cement)

step 9: (do step 5 if did not do that already) put the plexiglass on both sides and place screws in the holes

step 10: place the muts so that the screws don't fall off

step 11: celebrate

yay! you just have made your very own ant farm that is suitable for a colony!
if you have done everything right, your ant farm should look like this (the chambers can be different):


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