make your own ant farm!

WARNING: this ant farm is not suitable for a colony,this is for viewing ants!

WARNING: don't use jelly! the ants will drown in it!

you need:




*plastic foil

*something to catch the ants

* a jar



*cotton wool


step 1:
fill the jar with sand

step 2:
 let the cotton wool absorb the water

step 3:
put the cotton wool in the jar

step 4:
add the sugar in the jar

step 5:
 catch the ants

step 6:
put the ants in the jar

step 7:
quickly put the plastic foil on the jar

step 8:
put the elastic around the foil

step 9:
prick air holes in the foil with the toothpick

now make sure to refill the sugar twice a week!


  1. Hello Ifdip,
    Nice pics.
    I don't see any ants in this yar. Maybe they want to sleep in because they hit puberty? Or are afraid of the camera because they 've got a bad hair day? Or playing hide and seek and peek a boo?
    .....I only see some sand. Brown and a little bit lifeless, tedious.
    Could you please take another picture, with ants this time?

    1. With a lot of fantasy and help from my nearsightedness glasses I can spot an ant with a purple arrow stabbed in his back. Thank you! Now I'm looking forward to see ant nr 2.

    2. are you expecting me to make another photo?

    3. p.s: it is not his, it her. every worker ant is female

    4. Yes, I looking forward to see a picture everyday of your ant farm. I didn't know that ants are female. So thank you for this information. I only see an ant... and this one is not working at all. I think he or she is on holiday....with a purple arrow stabbed in his back.

    5. does every worker ant has to be working all the time? you animal abuser! and I will publish pictures of my ants when I get a more professional ant farm! this is just a start

    6. okay, just fuss.


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