date of ants nuptial flight North America.

       *Prenolepis imparis: February to may

       *Camponotus spp. : april to august

        *Tetramorium sp. E: may to august

        * Formica spp. : July to august

        *crematogaster spp. : august to October

        * Lasius niger: July to november

        *Tapinoma sessile: may to July

        *Atta texena : may to June

        *Solenopsis spp. : april to august

         * Pogonomyrmex spp. : June to august

         *Pheidole spp. : June to september

         *Temnothorax cirvispinosus: June to October

         *Aphaenogaster spp. : september to October

         * Myrmica spp, Ponera spp. :August to december


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