bees information

*To keep a bee population going for a year, 35-50 kg of pollen is needed. This natural pollen is irreplaceable by any other substance. If the bees are unable to collect this amount, they will weaken and irrevocably ruin.

*Queens and worker bears carry a sting with a poison gland. The worker bees have devices for gathering pollen on the hind legs. They consist of baskets and brushes. The flower nectar is collected in the honey stomach.

*The flower nectar is collected in the honey stomach. Has discovered a work bee with a rich honey source, she performs certain dances in the beehive on the combs.
As a result, she indicates the distance between the home and the direction in which the bee has just found the right food source

*a queen bee can be up to 5 years old

* the male bee looks different than the maid and the queen. He has bigger eyes and no stinger. The bee therefore can not look for food and protect the other bees. The male bee is born from an unfertilized egg of the queen. The insect is in the egg for about 24 days. He is about 4 to 6 weeks old.

* This is how the bees make honey:
Step 1. Flowers make pollen and nectar that the bees like.
Step 2. The bee collects the nectar in her honey bladder.
Step 3. In the beehive, the nectar turns into honey

*Because more bees are born in the breeding season than die, half of the bees will form their own swarm with the queen. This means that they will fly away and start looking for a new place to reproduce. There are more than 10,000 bees in such a swarm. The half that stays behind ensures that a new queen is born. This way it is not too crowded in the basket.


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