2 ways to keep snails away from your garden

                            1: keeping snails away from your garden

                          *you can plant mint, fennel and garlic

                         *you can also make a garlic spray thing:

                        what do you need:
                         *1 liter of water

                        * 5 cloves of garlic

                        *1 small onion (in pieces)

                        *1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

                         *a tablespoon of 1 soft soap

                 put the garlic and the onion in a (plastic) bottle with water and let it stand for a few days.                      sieve the water and mix it with the pepper and the soap

                  spray your plants every day, after rain you have to spray again. this will keep snails away             from your garden

                                       2:create a barrier

                                  you can put a piece of plastic tightly against the tray, this creates a kind of U-shape, the snail can not climb over this




  1. I'm glad you've chosen for the nor-smelly option. Onions and garlic...O...MY....GOD. This will nog only keep snails away from your backyard but also.....everyone and everything with a nose.

  2. you can just cut your nose of! *best solution ever*


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