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make your own snails habitat!

1: preparations 

what do you need:

* a plastic box with enough ventilation



*something to catch snails


2: creating the habitat

step 1:
clean the box ( WARNING:
do not leave cleaning things behind! it can poison and kill your snails)

step 2:
fill the box with soil

step 3:
add the decoration (branches, weed, rocks, feathers)

step 4:
catch snails (I recommend 2)

step 5:
put the snails in the habitat

3: food and water

what do you need:

*water bowl

*food (cucumbers, lettuce or other vegetables)


step 1:
add water in the water bowl  (repeat 2 times in a week)

step 2:
put the water bowl in the habitat

step 3:
add food in the habitat  (repeat 2 times in a week)

4: taking care of your snails

what do you need:



*eggshells or other calcium sources

step 1:
put water in the spray

step 2:
spray your snails every day!(important)

step 3:
put eggshells in your habitat (repeat 2 times in a week)

it should look like this now

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