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introducing a parasitic ant queen

there are various tactics for introducing a parasitic queen. the best is to put pupae and so-called "greyishes" (newborn workers, usually working with the brood) of the host species in the tube with the queen. but if you can only use workers you can also use them.
the most commonly used tactics are the refrigerator technique, active natural introduction and the partial natural introduction:

the fridge technique:
you put the parasitic queen in one tube, and at least 20 workers in another.
you put both tubes in the refrigerator until they miove very slowly (this does not kill them).then you quickly put them together without them being able to react. the queen and the workers then  stay in the fridge until they are used to each other.

1. workers are less aggressive.
2. If everything goes well, it can succeed without the queen's / workers' deaths

1. small chance of success
2. Too long in the fridge is also not great. put them in for example a night / cou…

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